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Student Council

Advisor: Marie Richards
Meets:  Fridays, 12:00
Grades:  4-5
We have meetings every Friday to discuss ideas and make plans. We help out with many school events and activities throughout the year including the the food drives, fundraisers, recycling, leading the school in the pledge of allegiance, helping out at the school store, and raising and lowering the flag. You may often see us in the lobby before school helping out.

Morning Announcements
Each morning student council members announce the lunch choices for the day, the pledge of allegiance, and any other special announcements over the intercom.

Afternoon Messages
Every day at 2:30 pm student council members will deliver any daily dismissal changes for students.

Every day we raise the flag at the beginning of school, no matter what the weather is (except for pounding rain!) At the end of the school day we lower the flag.

Newmarket Elementary School recycles every Friday. We help bring the recycling materials to a bin in the back of the school. Student Council collects and empties recycle bins for all of the K, 1, and 2 classes and for other locations around the school like the office and staff room. We recycle paper, as well as plastic, glass, and metal containers.

Chamber Children's Fund
We help out with the Exeter Chamber Children's Fund every year! This year was very successful! We were able to raise almost $500.00!!! We raised all that money in only a couple of weeks. All of the money goes to purchase warm, winter clothing for local people in need.

Student Council Mission Statement

The student council at Newmarket Elementary School believes that our mission is to help make our school the best it can be!

Brenda Collins,
Jan 6, 2016, 8:14 AM