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About Me

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Kristina Cochran

Special Education Building Coordinator


  • Bachelor of Science in Intensive Special Needs & Psychology

  • Masters in Special Education

  • Masters in Educational Administration w/ a Certificate in Emotional/Behavioral Disorders


I began my career in education during college working as a paraprofessional at the Evergreen Center, a residential setting providing treatment and educational opportunities to students with severe developmental disabilities. As part of my student teaching, I worked as an Intensive Special Needs Teacher for students in Kindergarten through grade two for one year. After receiving my degree, I branched out to a passion of mine, students with behavioral needs, and worked as a Behavioral Management Teacher for students in grades three through five for three years. Seeking employment closer to my new area of residence, I came upon Newmarket, where I have worked as a Case Manager for grade seven and then the High School for eight years before becoming the Building Coordinator.

Top Five Facts About Me:

- I'm a wife and mother of two wonderful kids.

- I took up the trumpet in junior high school and then was lucky to continue playing throughout college, where I performed in the Marching Band, Concert Ensemble, and Jazz Band.

- I sang in the Gospel Choir during college.

- I am a lifelong learner, education being a passion.

- I love doing creative things, such as painting, sewing, etc.