Medication Administration in School

Over the counter medications:
Tylenol and Tums are available for your student. The back of your child’s emergency card has a space for you to allow the school to give your child these medications.

All other over the counter medications including cough medicine, Advil/motrin, etc must be:
  • brought to school by an adult
  • In their original container with the child’s name on it
A parent/guardian must sign a medication administration form or bring in a dated and signed note with instructions.

Prescription medications:

Any medication prescribed by your doctor must be brought in by an adult, along with a written order from your doctor. The parent/guardian must fill out and sign a medication administration form.

Special considerations:

Antibiotics: If possible, antibiotics should be given at home. If there is a need to give a dose at school we recommend that you ask the pharmacist to make you a small second bottle, labeled with just enough for the school dosages. The nurse's office cannot be responsible for reminding your child to take their medication home each day.

No student shall transport any medication to school

for the safety of all concerned.

No medication will be given to a student

unless it is in the original bottle.