Chicken Pox

Most students have had the chicken pox vaccine but some may still come down with a mild case! Please report all cases to the school nurse. We watch for trends of those who contracted it after having the vaccine.

Remember: Your child must stay home for 7 days, until all new pox have completely crusted over. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILD ASPIRIN; it can cause Reye’s syndrome.

About Reye's Syndrome

Reye's syndrome is a serious disorder that causes increased pressure in the brain and build-up of fat in the liver and other organs. It affects all organs of the body, but is most harmful to the brain and liver. Reye's syndrome occurs primarily in children, most often during recovery from a viral infection.

The cause of Reye's syndrome is unknown. However, studies have found a link with the use of aspirin and other salicylates during a viral illness.