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Resources for Parents

Check out this great short show on the Reading Rockets website for information about how young children begin to have an understanding of speech sounds, print awareness, and more as a foundation for reading later on:

App Recommendations:  Check out these apps for some educational and fun games to help your child learn.  All of them are FREE unless noted below and are available in the App Store for Apple devices.  Some may also be available on Android.   These are ones we have tried out and enjoy at school:

*Letter School - (Sanoma Media Netherlands)The free version will give you the beginning letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-5.   Make sure you click on the gear in the upper right corner and change the letter/number style to  Typeface HWT Style to match what we teach at school

*123 Ninja and ABC Ninja - (Innovative Mobile Apps) -  To practice number and letter recognition 

*PBS Parents Play and Learn - (PBS Kids) - Works on a variety of skills such as sorting, patterns, counting with one to one correspondence, positional and size concepts, and counting number of words.  For each, there is a parent note for how you can work on the skills with your child at home. 
*Partners in Rhyme - (Preschool University) - Recognizing if two words rhyme, includes four games to work on the skill, with great clear pictures
*TinyHands Sorting 1 - (TinyHands Apps) - Offers games for sorting by color, size, silhouette.  (If you get the Sorting 2 game, also free, it also adds sorting by shape and vehicle)

Build A Mat Man Online Game - You will need to create a login for the website, then your child can go to town building a Mat Man!