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Flipped Classroom Videos

Flipped Classroom videos are meant to share with parents/guardians some of the skills we practice in preschool, as well as to provide your children with extra practice for skills at home.  We encourage you to watch these videos with your children and to work together to complete the referenced activities.  

You can access the "Flipped Clasroom" videos anytime by following these links to the "Flipped Videos for Preschool" pages on YouTube:  
Ms. Anne's videos on this page include:
Preliteracy/Phonological Awareness:
- "Tip Tapper" sound, /T/
- The sound /B/
- The sound /V/ (and Intro to "The Brothers")
- Skinny Stream and Lip Popper
- The sound /F/
-  The sound /M/
- "My Friend" book (rhyming sentences)
- /D/ Sound
- Rhyming "I Spy"
- Speech Words- Trains
- Sounds We are Learning
- Rhyming Skills
- Singing ABCs
- No No Yes Yes (talking about stories that have few words)
Preschool Songs
- Hello Songs
- Weather Song
- Goodbye Song
 -Letter Formation
- Making Mat Man's Head
- Mat Man
- Using Playdough for Fine Motor Skills
Early Math Skills Games
- Roll and Write
- All Gone Game

Please also see:
Ms. Julie's videos on this page include:
Preliteracy/Phonological Awareness:
- Blending/Segmenting
- Syllables
- Voiced and Unvoiced Sounds
Bear Stays Up for Christmas
Preschool Songs
-5 Little Speckled Frogs
-5 Little Monsters
-5 Little Snowkids
-Johnny Works With 1 Hammer
- Handwriting "N"

Early Math Skills
- Cuisenaire Rods

Play/Social Skills - 
- Train Play