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Welcome to the Newmarket Preschool Program!

About Newmarket Preschool Program...

Welcome to the Newmarket Preschool Program.  It is the goal of our program to have parents, teachers, and therapists (if involved with your child) work together in meeting the unique needs of each child.

As parents, you play a vital role in your child’s development.  Remember, YOU are your child’s first and most important teacher.  We invite you to work together with the program staff to become an active participant in our school.

Please note that we are not a universal public preschool program in that we have limited spots for peer model children in our program.  Spots fill up quickly, so if you are interested in putting your child on our waiting list, please complete a form (see link to Preschool Partners Application) and send it in as soon as possible!  Enrollments are completed in late April/early May for the following fall.  We accept children onto our waiting list for future years as well as the current year.  If you have questions, please call Anne or Julie at 292-7951.

 The primary goals of our program are to:

ü  Develop each child’s potential and independence to the maximum

ü  Enhance each child’s ability to participate in the most beneficial educational environment.

ü  Provide parents with the opportunity to build skills and confidence in working with and for their children by promoting and sharing information and ideas

School Calendar:

 The Newmarket Preschool Program follows the same school vacation calendar as the Newmarket Elementary School. We begin a week or so later and may end a week or so earlier in June.  We will notify you if there are any changes in the calendar.


School Day Routines

Table Task – The children participate in a teacher directed activity focusing on pre-literacy, math readiness, cooking, or social play skills

Circle Time – We sing a “Hello” song, talk about the weather, play a game, and practice counting skills

Teacher Choice – A few areas of the classroom are opened with activities.  The children choose where they will play

Teacher/Therapist Directed Activities – Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and teachers plan activities based on the needs of individual and groups of students

Snack Time – A time to socialize and practice turn taking and other social skills.  Parents send snack for their child each day.

Free Play – The children choose an area of the room in which to play.

Playground – We work on gross motor skills and give the children an opportunity to use some of their boundless energy!

Please contact Anne or Julie if you have any questions or want more information - Our preschool office phone number is 292-7951

Themes for 2018-19

9/10-9/28- Beginning of School/Nursery Rhymes

10/1-10/19 - Fall: Apples and Leaves

10/22-11/9- Fall: Pumpkins and Halloween

11/12-11/30 - Being Healthy! - Nutrition and Thanksgiving