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Penni Aylward

                 Hello and welcome to Mrs. A's  Kindergarten class! 


WOW!!! What a great start to our school year together! We have started to feel comfortable with our classroom routines! We survived the heatwave amazingly well too.
This week we have begun to get into the business of school...we have begun learning the letter C and the terms uppercase and lowercase. We are also learning how to manage scissors and glue. We practice 3 star coloring which is 1-stay in the lines 2-make the white go away 3-choose the real color of what you are coloring (apples aren't purple).

Our specials are the following:
Monday  PE/GYM, wear sneakers
Tuesday  ART
Wednesday  Computer
Thursday  Music
Friday  Library

Don't forget a water bottle!

Please try to eat breakfast everyday, snack will be at 10:00. 

Here are a few of important dates:

No school Tuesday, September 11th (town voting/teacher workshop)
Picture Day, Wednesday September 12th
Parent Open House, Tuesday, September 18
    you choose to attend either from 6:30-7pm or 7-7:30 (grown ups only please)


Email: aylwardp@
Ph: 603-659-2192 (office)

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns!