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Lisa O'Brien


         Welcome to Mrs. O'Brien's First Grade !
                           May - June  2018  

A Typical Day in 1-LO
8:20 AM  :  Unpack our backpacks, Daily Announcements, Pledge of Allegiance 
8:30 AM :   Morning Work 
8:50 AM :   Morning Meeting
9:00 AM :  Reading / Writing  (Whole class Super Kids lesson) 
9:30 AM    Snack/ Free Choice time 
10:00 AM   Reading Stations (Word Work, Read to Self, Work on Writing, Read with Mrs. O'Brien) 
11:00 AM   Recess
11:30 AM   Lunch 
12:00 PM    Chapter Book  (The Chocolate Touch  By:  Patrick Skene Catling ) 
12:15 PM    Math 
1:15 PM     Theme (Jan Brett) / Science/ Social Studies 
1:45 PM Clean up/ Classroom jobs
1:55 PM  Specials  (Mondays: Library, Tuesdays: PE, Wednesdays: Art, Thursdays: Computer, Fridays: Music)
2:45 PM  Person of the Day Share
  2:55 PM Dismissal  

Important Dates Coming Up... 

 May 16 : ABC Countdown to Summer Starts! (See list that was sent home for details) 
May 28:  No School, Memorial Day 
June 15 : Field Day!  
June 18 :  Rain Date for Field Day
June 19 :  Field trip to The Seacoast Science Center 
June  21 :  Last day of School   (This is an early release day. First bell is dismissed at 11:55 AM)                  HAPPY SUMMER VACATION !!  

We continue to enjoy all our adventures with The Super Kids. We are finishing up Unit 15. Our Words To Know this month are: attract, guide and flexible These are words we are using throughout the month in our conversations.  Ask your child to use them in a sentence for you.  

The following are our  memory words so far this year. These are the sight words we need to know in "a snap!"   
 the,  I, you, to, said, of, like, no, my, she, her, he, his, where, what, why, when, which, who,   show, have, how, a, me, the, was, for, your, are, look, there, from, be, to, we, or, said, only, you, out, of, here, boy, girl, two, four, about, over, before   Please practice reading these at home. 
May Focus:  "Bossy R" ( ar, ir, or)  
                         -oi. -oy
June Focus:  The sounds of -ou and -ow  

  This Fall we reviewed the short vowel sounds and are excited to notice that many of the Super Kids have  short vowels in their names... short a: Alf,  Tac, Cass, Sal   short o: Oswald, Doc, Toc, Hot Rod,  Golly      short i : Icky, Tic      short e: Ettabetta 

In addition to short vowels, some of the spelling patterns we have been introduced to so far this year are:
Final ck ( tack, sack, pack, rack) 
Digraphs: ch, sh, th, wh (chin, chat, inch, lunch. shop, wish, bath, moth, 
-ng  ( ring, sing, song,
Adding -ed to the end of a word
Adding -ing to the end of a word.  
CVCe words with ai, oa, ea, ee 
Adding -er and -est to a word 
-all words 

Book Buddies:  We are book buddies with Mrs. Lupoli's 4th grade class. We read with our buddies every other Friday. 

- Personal narratives 
-  Writing a friendly letter
- Writing 3 sentences on a topic 
- Writing opinion pieces 
- Using a graphic organizer...   Writing an informational text 

- Math Facts we have learned so far...  Turn Around Facts,  +0, +1, Ways To Make 10,
+10 to a number, Double Facts, +9 , +2   

Science/ Social Studies: 
 May/ June Careers  
  June   Tide Pools/The Rocky Shore   

          Amazing Author for May /June  : Mo Willems 


   Classroom Wish List:   whiteboard markers, disinfecting wipes,  glue sticks,  tissues,  paper towel rolls  

To contact Mrs. O'Brien:   Email: 
                                          Phone: (603) 659-2192 (Main Office) 
                                         Please contact me with any questions or concerns.