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Lisa O'Brien

                Welcome to Mrs. O'Brien's Room !  
         What's Going on In January and February? 

We have started an new unit in our reading groups about communities.  During the next two months we will be exploring families, neighborhoods, and classrooms as communities.  We will also read about animal and insect communities. 

Phonics Skills:  Unit 2                                                   

Week1 :  Digraphs sh, th   and vowel sound in ball 
Week 2 and 3 :    Long a   (using silent e)
Weeks 4 and 5 :   Long  i    ( using silent e),  Digraphs  wh, ch, tch    
Week  6 :  Long o  (using silent e ) ,  Contractions
Week  7:  Long u  (using silent e)
Week  8:  Long e (using silent e), Inflected ending of -ed.
Week 9:  Long e (using -e  and -ee  Example:  we  or see)

   We are working on writing two sentences on a topic in our writing journals.  We are expected to use spaces between words, a capital letter at the beginning and end marks.  Recently we wrote about our New Year's goals.  We are working hard at keeping them.  
In handwriting, we have two more letters and will have learned all the lowercase letters.  Once we have learned them, we are expected to use them in our writing.  

Math:  Some of the topics we are currently working on in math are:
*   Measurement  (nonstandard as well as the inch and the foot) 
*  Double facts  ( example:  6+6=12,  7+7=14 ) 
*  Place Value  (ones, tens and hundreds) 
*  Telling time to the half hour
*  Identifying coins (penny, nickel, dime and quarter) and counting like piles.
*   Word Problems

Amazing Author:  Jan Brett     
We love our new amazing author, Jan Brett and have read many books by her.  We will be performing a class play, The Gingerbread Baby in March. There will be a morning and an afternoon performance.   We will let our families know the exact date and times as it gets closer. 

*  We have started a new science unit about light.  We will be exploring the different types of light, how it travels, make shadows  and do some fun experiments in class.

Social Studies: 
*  We  just finished up a unit about Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. We read about his life and learned how important he was to our history. 

                      Other Information....
Outdoor Gear:   It is getting cold out there... PLEASE send in a jacket, snow pants, hat and mittens/gloves with your child.  If there is snow on the playground, your child will have to stay on the paved area without boots and snow pants.  

Classroom Wish List : 
glue sticks, tissues, disinfecting wipes

               Upcoming Dates and Special Events...
January 16 :  Martin Luther King Jr. Day :  No School
January 29:  The Big Jump rope Show at the Jr. /Sr. High School   5:00 - 7:00 PM
February 9:   The 100th Day of School!!   (This is subject to change due to snow days)
February 14:  Valentine's Day.  We will exchange cards with our friends.
February 25 - March 5:  Winter Break


Contact Mrs. O'Brien:
(603) 659-2192   (School Office)
Please contact me with any questions or concerns.