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Amy Collins

Our Daily Schedule 1AC

8:20 Arrival/Announcements/Pledge of Allegiance
8:30 Morning Work
9:00 Morning Meeting
9:30 Snack/Little Recess
10:00 Daily 5 Reading (Read to Self/Read to Friend/Word Work/Work With Teacher/Listen to Reading)
11:00 Big Recess
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Read Aloud & GoNoodle
12:15 Math 
1:15 Science/Social Studies
1:45 Classroom Jobs
1:55 Specials
2:45 Pack Up
2:55-3:05 Dismissal

Specials Schedule
1:55-2:40 p.m.
                                        Monday: Computer Lab
                                        Tuesday: Music
                                        Wednesday: P. E.
                                        Thursday: Art
                                        Friday: Library

             What's Happening In September/October                  

Reading:  Scott Foresman Unit 1
    Phonics Skills Unit 1: Animals Tame and Wild
            Week 1:   Short a, final -ck   (in, on, way)                       
            Week 2:  Short i, final -x   (and, take, up)   
            Week 3:   Short o, plurals  (get, help, use)                    
            Week 4:  Endings -s, -ing   (eat, too, this, her)               
            Week 5:   Short e, initial blends (saw, small, tree, your)   
            Week 6:  Short u, final blends (home, into, many, then)        
Writing: Handwriting: lowercase letters
             My Picture Tells A Story
Awesome Author Study: Eric Carle
Read Aloud Book:  The Wild Robot

Math Concepts: More/less, Counting by 1's, 10's, 5's, Patterns, Graphing, Number Grid to 120 
Math Facts: Plus zero  
Time: O'clock

Science: Insects, Spiders, Pumpkins
Social Studies: All About Me, Columbus Day, Halloween

            Upcoming Special Dates and Events         
  • Friday October 6:  "P" Day!- pajamas, stuffed pets, presentation
  • Monday October 9:  Columbus Day/No School
  • 10/23-10/27:  Parent/Teacher Conferences- Please sign up!

Fun Websites To Visit At Home

Math:                                              Reading:

(Sesame Street: Guess What's next)                                                                                                                                                                       

(counting by 5's)                                                                                                                          (Frog And Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel)                                                                      (counting by 2's)

(doubles facts)                                                           (Sagwa and the Moon Festival)
                                                                                                     (Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?)
(how to use a ruler)


(place value)

(How to make a snowflake)

(Martin Luther King Jr. for kids)

(Diwali for Kids)

(Diwali Rangoli designs)

(Jan Brett draws a hedgehog)

(Life Cycle of Painted Lady Butterfly)

(Butterfly using proboscis)

(Busy Bees)

(Don't Be Afraid Of Spiders)

 (Southwest Florida Eagle Cam)   
(Irish music and images for St. Patrick's Day)                                               
                                                                                        (Chinese music and images for Chinese New Year)
                                                                                                                             (Hamsters in a playground like Humphrey's!)       
(The Original Lorax video)                                                (Hamsters in a wheel like Humphrey's!)       

(force: push/pull)

(seed germination)

(Sound: vibrations and waves)

(Tide pools)

(Tide pool animals)

(Alice In Wonderland Unbirthday song)


Please contact me any time if you have any questions or concerns
Phone: 603-659-2192 (office)

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