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May News

posted May 3, 2017, 8:47 AM by Diane McFarland

Dear Parents,                                                                                                               May 3, 2017

It’s May already! Hard to believe…


Science Fair – Grade three is having a science fair Friday, June 2nd from 8:35-9:30 in the cafeteria.  We’ll be talking about some ideas and brainstorming topics. Each student needs to tell me their topic by Monday, May 15th. It’s pretty open ended ~ anything goes (pretty much, except for chemical reactions and live pets)! I can provide a poster board to the kids if they wish for their display. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be sending the packet home on Friday. The science fair items will come in the day before on Thursday, June 1st.


Reading – Reading has become a favorite time of the day. The kids often don’t want to stop when it’s time for math. We’re working on reading with accuracy, and as always comprehension. They’re loving our read alouds and the reading groups continue to challenge the kids.


– The students are including more details in their writing and using paragraphs. We’re still working on revising; many don’t want to go back once they’re finished with their rough draft.  

This month they will write about a teacher, coach, leader or mom or dad. They’ll continue working on “digging for details and examples” to support their examples. For each piece of writing, the students plan using two column notes, write, then revise their ideas and edit for punctuation and spelling.

Science /Social Studies – What fun the Night Sky unit has been! Your children are like sponges, absorbing so many facts and information. The planetarium was a hit! The presenter was quite impressed with their knowledge.

We are studying simple machines now. The kids will have a chance to go to each third grade teacher to have a lesson on a specific type of simple machine. They’re all around us.

After that, we’ll be working on our mapping unit. We will learn about the continents, oceans, countries, and our state, as well as a bit about different cultures. We’ll learn about latitude and longitude and about Atlases. We will use various maps, identify specific places in NH, and work with the United States map. Most students will learn all 50 states and some will learn the capitals. They will each have a country to research.


Math – The Math Bee is next Friday. The kids seem more invested in memorizing their facts. It’s obvious that many are practicing because they’re improving so much! Fourth grade will be so much easier with their facts memorized. Addition, subtraction and multiplication facts should be automatic. They can worry about division next year, although many are already doing it!

I've noticed that many students could use more practice with telling time problems. We're reviewing it at school but it might be helpful to have them solve some daily life problems at home too. For example, if it takes 25 minutes to get ready and drive to softball for a 4:15 practice, what time should you get ready? Or what time is it now? What time will it be in an hour and a half?

This month, we’ll be learning about weight and capacity. We’ll be doing word problems that involve remainders with division and we’ll continue working on word problems.


Swimming – Starting next week, we’ll go to Dover for the next four Thursdays to have swimming lessons after lunch. This has been a great time for kids in the past. It’s amazing how many improvements are made in only 4 weeks!

Diane McFarland