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September 1

posted Jun 3, 2016, 12:07 PM by Diane McFarland   [ updated Sep 1, 2016, 2:02 PM ]

 Dear Parents,                                                                      September 1, 2016


~ News from Mrs. McFarland ~


Our year has started!  Our 20 students are getting to know each other and learning classroom routines and expectations. We’ve played many get-to-know you games, a following direction challenge game, used Cuisenaire rods, started our read aloud story,  Humphrey, and most exciting…put things in our desks!

I will share more specifics about what 3rd grade will be like for you and your child at our Parent Information Night Thursday, Sept. 15th (6:00 or 6:30 session).  Meanwhile, this may help. I plan to send future monthly letters through email.


** I’m still getting your email addresses. Our next newsletter will be sent through email.**



1.     Lunch

·       Students bring the money to the cafeteria.

·       The prices are $2.50 for hot lunch (lunch & milk) and $0.50 for separately purchased milk for cold lunch or for snack milk. A paid lunch includes milk in the price. Checks can be made out to the Newmarket School Lunch.

·       You may pay for more than one week or for a month at a time if you wish. 

·       You will have an account with the cafeteria. The cost of the lunch or milk(s) that your child selects will be withdrawn from the account.

·       Please be sure your child knows what he/she should be purchasing so they don’t get more than what you’ve accounted for in your payments.

·       The lunch menu is on our Newmarket website.



2.    Snack

·       We have 4 students who are allergic to nuts. So, I’m asking that the snacks you pack for your child to eat in the classroom be nut free. The cafeteria is better organized to handle nut items so children are welcome to eat those items at lunch.

·       We want only healthy snacks snacks. An idea list is attached.

·       Many children are going to the cafeteria for a snack. I want to make sure this is okay with you and they’re not depleting the money you had earmarked for their lunches.

·       We have the early 11:05 lunch. A snack at the end of the day for those with an after school activity might be a good idea.



3.     Specials  (12:55)   Mon – Art                 Tues- Music                  Wed – Library       

                            Thurs – Computer     Fri – Phys. Ed.                         



4.     Homework

·       The latest research is showing that homework doesn’t do much to increase children’s knowledge, so we are rethinking our homework policy. Reading, studying math facts and studying spelling words will be the focus of homework, with the occasional specific paper from us. I will let you know more about it on our parent night. For now, the students may read 20 minutes a night.


·       The students will bring home a “Circle Notebook” on Fridays with the week’s papers in it. The papers may stay at home. You need to sign or write back and send the Circle Notebook back to school on Mondays. I will go slow at the beginning, modeling letter writing and having them gradually take on more responsibility in their letter writing.


·       There will be spelling words to study for next week. They are attached.



5.     Outside recess – Students who are here at 8:00 on Wednesdays get to go out for recess before school.



6.     Cooking – I would like to cook with the kids this year. If you could send in $4.00 for some of our cooking supplies, that’d be great! Thanks.



7.     Communication – Feel free to send notes or email me with communication.


I hope this clarifies a few things.  I look forward to meeting you Thursday, Sept 15th at our parent information night.


                                                                                                    Sincerely,          Diane McFarland