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posted Feb 5, 2018, 7:51 AM by Diane McFarland

Dear Parents, February 5, 2018

Social Studies & Science – We have finished our awesome immigration unit. The simulation was a huge success. The kids really seemed to “get” how the immigrants might have felt.  Thanks for your help with their outfits and conversations about the topic.  It is interesting to note that the students in this class have ancestors from 20 countries. The most represented were Great Britain, Ireland and Canada. Ths kids will be bringing home their ancestry folders this week. You might want to add to them as you find out more information. Thanks for sharing your stories.

Reading Our second book project is due this Wednesday. The kids are excited to share their projects and summaries. After reading about immigration, each reading group has started a new chapter book. We’ve added “book chat jobs” where there’s a summarizer, an illustrator, a vocabulary finder, a discussion director (asking Qs), and a main idea person. The kids like having a different job to do,

Writing/Language –In March, the students will be taking a standardized test. This year writing will be included and the students will have to type on the computers. I had the kids type a piece they had written last month and this past week, they types ideas from their graphic organizer planner about their immigration simulation. There were some misspellings but I was impressed with what they were able to do. They’ll be ready!

The students are learning to write more descriptive and interesting sentences that support their topic.  We are currently reviewing the use of adjectives and including expanders (where, when, why, how) in sentences. Including examples and reasons to support opinions is a focus right now. We’re working on combining short sentences to make a longer sentence.

Revising and editing for spelling and punctuation continue...  Capitals and periods are expected 100% at this time.

Math – At this point, all students should know their x5, x9 and square number facts (6x6,7x7.8x8…). We’re currently working on x4. Please guide your child to memorize these facts if they don’t know them. We’ve gone over several strategies in class.

We practice in school with rocket math, ladders, math keys, flashcards and card game activities. A five minute practice at home each night is needed. The kids know what they’re on both for addition/subtraction and multiplication.

Understanding fractions, their equivalencies, and word problems has been our recent focus in math. Later this month, we’ll be working with measurement – both standard and metric. We’ll also continue to work on story problems.

Spelling – Many are having a hard time on their weekly spelling tests. The words all follow a  pattern and the kids should be working on them for homework. Writing them down is best because that’s  how they are tested. Our goal is to get all but one or two right on Friday’s test. The kids really need to spend time working on their words.

Cursive – By the end of this week, we will have learned all lower case letters and upper case letters! The students may write in cursive now if they wish. Often, they’re excited to use cursive and then find it cumbersome, so they’re welcome to switch back to printing.

Other –

  • Valentine’s Day – Tuesday, Feb 14th – names & info attached

  • Please check with your child to see if he/she needs more pencils or erasers. They go through them pretty quickly.

Sincerely,   Diane McFarland



Dear Students and Parents, February 5, 2018

We will be exchanging valentines on Wednesday, February 14th.  This exchange is optional.  If your child would like to participate, he/she needs to have a valentine for each person listed below.   Thank you.


Mrs. McFarland










Lillian H.









Lillian M.

Mrs. Foltz

Mrs. McFarland