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Dear Parents,                                                                                                   December 1, 2016


Report Cards – Report cards are going home with the kids on Friday. Please sign and return the envelope. You may keep the report card. Each standard has specific criteria that are to be accomplished by June. These report cards are similar to those that you saw in second grade.


Progress – At the beginning of the year, we asked each student to read for one minute from a third grade passage. We were looking for fluency and accuracy. There were many mistakes made that weren’t corrected. At the end of this term, I’m so happy to say that the kids are 97-100% accurate and their fluency has improved a lot! Success!


Field Trip – Please pass in the field trip permission slip and the money to us as soon as possible. We’re supposed to get the money to Lowell Mills this week. Thanks.


Book Project – As the kids finish their books and complete the rough draft of their poster, I’m giving them the real poster to complete. We will be having some class time to do this, but some of it may need to be completed at home. By next week, everyone should have their posters.


Math – We have been doing lots of word problems of all operations. They’ll have a test on them next week. For multiplication, we’ve learned the facts x0, x1, x2, x5, x10, and x9. We’ve begun studying  x4 facts. We will be reviewing number sense, place value and graphing this month. Time spent on memorizing the math facts would be great, both multiplication and addition/subtraction. We’re really doing a push this month.


Science/Social Studies – The children seem to really know the workings of the water cycle. We have started our Social Studies Immigration unit!  During this unit, we will learn about the experiences American immigrants faced. We will broaden our study to different countries and explore reasons, cultural differences, and the joys and tribulations of what immigrants dealt with. We’ll have an Immigration Simulation in January – more to come on that later.  : )


In Reading, each student is reading copies of immigration books –some factual and some historical fiction in small groups.


Family Ancestry –  Part of our study of immigration is talking about the kids’ own ancestries and learning about their own relatives. The students are bringing home a questionnaire next Friday. Where many people see family over the holidays, it might be a nice opportunity to include others in gathering information if you need to. It will be collected the Friday of the first week in January and we’ll do some activities with it. I realize that some people know more about their ancestry than others. Whatever you come up with is fine. Thanks for your help. You can send it in whenever you wish, but by Jan. 6th. Thanks for your help.


Writing – The students are learning specific methods of how to make their writing more descriptive or interesting (including wheres, whens, whys, and hows). They are working towards using details and similes to make their words create a picture in our minds. We’ve talked about thoughtshots and snapshots. A thoughtshot is something that goes on inside your head or something that you feel. A snapshot is something that you can see. They are encouraged to revise and make some of these changes to their rough draft. It’s a way of expanding sentences to include more pertinent details.



Holidays – Next week I will send a note home about our holiday activities.

Gifts – We will not be exchanging gifts but classroom gifts are welcome. Some ideas include: Othello,  legos, thin dry erase markers, anything else the kids think would be good to have here. We’re always in need of cups, wipes and pencils. We’re almost out right now.

Thanks for reading.                                                                            

Diane McFarland