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Homework Information

Grade 3 Homework

Because research is showing that there isn’t a high correlation between homework and student achievement, third grade homework will be a little different this year. We want students to engage in activities at least four nights of the seven. Hopefully, this will allow children to do things that correlate more with student learning like: more time to play and learn, time to eat together with the family, and an opportunity to get to bed early.

Each week students will get a Homework Menu that consists of an appetizer, and entree and a dessert.  In the Appetizer will be things like practicing spelling* and math facts. The Entree is the main part of the assignment where students are to read for 20 minutes or complete something that’s needed for school. The Dessert will include doing things that help the nonacademic part of the student grow, like: giving a compliment, helping with a chore, playing outside…

Students are to enjoy an appetizer, entree and dessert four nights a week. If there is anything in bold faced print, that definitely needs to be done. Students check off the activities they do and return the Homework Menu on Mondays with the signed Circle Notebook.

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** The Spelling City game follows the pattern of the week, but some words may be different. The list won’t include the three sight words on our lists.