General Classroom Information 

Our classroom is one where students enjoy learning and are pleased with their accomplishments. I want them to feel comfortable to take risks, try different learning strategies, respect others' differences, and be active in our classroom community. I generally model a skill, have the kids practice it together, and then they'll try it on their own. I encourage collaboration and using lots of rich vocabulary.

Communication: Parent/teacher communication is so important.  Please let me know if you have concerns or if there is anything going on at home that may affect your child at school. I’m available by email ( and phone or we can set up a conference. The Circle Notebook with your child's letter in it comes home on Fridays. Please sign and/or write back. I will also send a letter about what we’re doing at school the first week of every month.

Behavior: The students agree that classroom behavior and rules can be summarized with “respect”.  We talk about the words “helpful” and “hurtful” as well because everything fits into these two words in dealing with themselves and others.  They are responsible for their learning and for their classroom environment. We work on making good choices. Students with disrespectful behavior will have a consequence, which may include a time out, loss of activity time at the end of the day, or loss of recess.  They will make goals throughout the year for themselves.  Toys and other distractions need to remain at home.


·       Because we eat lunch at 1:00, it's very important that kids eat breakfast and bring a healthy snack.

·       We have no nut allergies this year, so peanut butter is okay!


  • Our Scholastic Book Fair code is JGNTR if you want to order on-line.

  • Homework: Students have one paper a week with activities to do, which is turned in on Mondays. There should be 3 check marks in each of three sections. Some items may be checked off 1-4 times depending on how often they did it.

  • We cook each week. Fun!!!

  • Supplies: We are always in need of cups, wipes, pencils and dry erase markers.

  • Specials  (10:30)  

  • Mon – Art         Tues- Computer        Wed – Music       Thurs – Phys. Ed.      Fri - Music                                                                                        (sneakers)